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Established in 2017, Voice of Triumph is a company providing quality voiceover recordings which can be used for any media platform such as radio, television, Facebook, or Instagram. Services are also available for the narration of audio-books, movie trailers, and e-learning curriculum. All recording is done utilizing a professional recording software. 

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Growing up in East Orange, New Jersey, I have always been a fan of media. Often receiving several warnings from my Mother and Father to turn off the television at bedtime, I couldn't resist listening to the verbal cadence of news anchors and radio announcers. Throughout my adult life countless people told me I had a voice for radio. So years later I decided to not only use the gift God gave me but also to start a business doing what I love. After reaching out to one of my LinkedIn connections (Belinda Kendall) and receiving an awesome point of contact to assist me in recording a demo (Chris Clay) I had all the tools to step out on faith and begin my quest to become a voice-over artist.   

I am the sole proprietor of the company but The Almighty God is definitely the Boss. You will NEVER hear me say I am the "owner" of this company, but merely the operator or one who was inspired by God to use my gifts to help others. Founded on a scripture (Psalm 47:1) which reads: O clap your hands all you people; shout to God with the voice of triumph. This is a business which prides itself on inspiring and providing clients the best possible service they could ask for.


The files below became the byproducts of faith, courage, and the desire to build a legacy...

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Voice Of Triumph Demo 2017 - MBailey
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